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Like An Aerospace Bitcoin Will Fly To the Moon

Wed Mar 01, 2017 7:08 am

End year of 2016 and begin year of 2017 is a glory time for bitcoin. After Bitcoin Halving price of Bitcoin can reach $500 and for now it can reach high price $1200. In next year Bitcoin price possibility can reach $5000 for 1 btc. Invet in bitcoin is more profitable than invest in gold or dollar.


Some years ago we can not buy lot of thing using 1 btc, but we can buy many thing using 20 dollar. But now, we can buy many thing using 1 btc and the opposite with dollar, now we can’t get many thing just using 20 dollar. And few more years maybe we can buy a Lamborgini using 1 btc.


So what does it mean? It means invest to bitcoin is profitable. Save your bitcoin or if you don’t have bitcoin you can buy it using your money which the price of bitcoin is more expensive.
At the moment, $1200 is not high price of bitcoin. Someday it will fly


Fly to the moon i mean :D


So Enjoy the Coffe and save your Bitcoin until bitcoin like an aerospace and reach te moon :D

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