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All DeepWeb Guides For Sale 10GB Package 7.99$

Fri Jan 27, 2017 11:03 am

My orignal thread on forums:

I am a thief, i steal guides from hackers and sell, they sell them at 40$-70$, plus i include guides i bought for 3000$+.
In this package are most of the all guides from Top 2 DeepWeb Markets.
Now i sell all the 10GB+ package only for 7.99$.
I am selling it only for 7.99$ because analysing blockchain most of the wallets have 7-20$.
It's not illegal to buy from me so don't be afraid, everyone can buy, they don't have any copyrights.

I am being honest about what i am doing and looking to sell package at least 10 times per day.

Top questions:
How i will receive the guides?
You need to pay with bitcoin at the link below, after one confirmation automated system will download package automatically.
It's 3mb or 10Gb?
It's 3Mb of the most trending guides right now on the DeepWeb AlphaBay Market.
They cost 40-70$ at the market, plus links to download 10GB Database of 3000$+ worth of guides

Package updated every month with new guides.
Buy Now:

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