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please, advice the best wallet/payment solution

Mon Jul 27, 2020 4:35 pm


As I see, people here are crypto fans.
Nowadays there are many different crypto payment solutions, wallets etc.
I want to find out how best solution looks like and what options should it offer for clients.

Please tell me about your experience, all for and against of services you use

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Re: please, advice the best wallet/payment solution

Wed Sep 02, 2020 3:28 pm

Z-Pay launched its own wallet

Z-Pay is a wallet with a very simple user interface.
It gives users the ability to add new wallets for different cryptocurrencies to their devices and manage their portfolios.
Z-Pay Wallet is one of the safest Wallets available.

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Re: please, advice the best wallet/payment solution

Thu Sep 24, 2020 8:41 pm

Z-Pay #referral program has been officially launched🚀

✅Z-Pay is a secure service with many interesting products. We started in 2018, and we plan to provide high standards in customer service for many years.

Today, users of our service can not only #exchange #cryptocurrencies and make micropayments, but also earn money on this💰

With this purpose we added a referral link to your personal account, which can be found in the section 👉🏻 "referral program" 👉🏻 "your referral link".
The rules are simple: you send a link to your family members, friends, colleagues and / or post it on your social networks and receive cash rewards in #USD💲 provided certain conditions are met:

✔️After the client you have invited registers on our website and goes through the KYC procedure, you will receive a certain flat rate

✔️ If your referral makes an exchange in the Z-Pay wallet, then you will automatically receive a percentage of the commission, which varies from 10 to 50%

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Re: please, advice the best wallet/payment solution

Sat Jun 26, 2021 1:15 pm

A cryptocurrency wallet provides digital signatures while authorizing each transaction in trading. This could be an app, a program, a device or a service. You will need a safe and secure key in order to access your wallet and to involve in trading. So the passwords you use must be safeguarded which enables access to your wallet.

There to types of wallets. Hot storage and cold storage wallets.

Hot storage wallets directly connect to the internet via an app or a program. Although almost all of them are free it poses a security risk as you are connected to the internet and making you susceptible for theft. These could be desktop, mobile or web wallets depending on the device you use.

Cold storage wallets are small portable devices which allows you to download and carry cryptocurrency. Although it can cost as high as 100$ since it’s off lines it’s more secure than a hot storage wallet.

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