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SCAM Cryptolitefx

Mon Apr 05, 2021 4:14 am

Hi there, today i´ve just noticed that i was more of the people that got scammed with "trade manager". Everything started in a business solutions instagram page there was some recommendation of @Billy_Boyd as a good trader on various comments, and ... i´ve talked to him. He had plenty of photos near luxury cars (now i know it´s a classic scam) and he promise me to give me more than 10.500 euros if i make a deposit of 500. I know it´s too good to be true, but i gave it a shot. He gave me his whatsapp number, and explain me how to buy the bitcoins and to transfer to the company. There was a lot of red flags, reviews on google, testimonials with random photos with written errors, the support service is some 3rd party widget (with similar kind of writing of "Billy", so probably was him as well) and the contacts link would redirected me to... 404 error (not found). The biggest alarm was the fact that he automatically deleted his instagram account after we went to whatsapp. Their Bitcoin address is 1Ab5Biy1eg2dmHm7khbYkUkArmodC6getx and they work under the site skycafttrade (which is an exactly clone of the website cryptolitefx DOT com if you google it). After that i´ve received an email saying that the minimum amount for start trading due to my location was 1000, so... 500 euros more.I tried an withdrawal from the website to my account agian but they will say... only when i have the 1000 euros, which is not true. So I´ve bought bitcoins but i didn´t transfer to his account, i´ve just sold them (i´ve lost 90 euros) but at least i didn´t transfer to those scammers and lost 400. They are really cyber criminals with no mercy, i told him that i´ve got fired, i was HIV positive and i would need to make a surgery on the 15th April ( which is all true) and by any chance he would chance the speech and would steal me more and more. I want to know if there´s some way i can get my 558 dolares back without being scammed again. I´ve read some posts here on the forum saying that blockchain registers every step of the transaction. If someone else identifies with a situation like this and got their funds back, i would like to try it out. Sorry for my English, cheers from Portugal and Happy Easter everyone, i just got my "egg" today!

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Re: SCAM Cryptolitefx

Sat Apr 17, 2021 6:23 am

I been scammed with this person his name is michael_v_Randall is from Instagram also have the name of levis doustov I lost $ 16000 he works with cryptolitefx is a totally fake person and they keep calling for more money but I said I don’t have more money I need some help for get my money back thanks

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Re: SCAM Cryptolitefx

Tue Apr 20, 2021 3:04 pm

Same thing happened to me before and I was introduced to the CEO of Microstrategy on this forum and he helped me get my money back you can email him for help too Michealj.saylor@gmail com

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