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Who own Badger wallet on google play and how to contribute to it

Sat Feb 13, 2021 11:37 am

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Hello, Badger wallet for mobile is in better shape than badger wallet for browser AFAIK. However I couldn't find who can accept PR request to the repo.
Roger says he forwarded Badger ownership to Vin Armani but Vin denies. He sent me link to Badger repo and to badger wallet listing on the android store and on chrome extension which both show that Bitcoin com is the owner.

Some developers are interesting on improving the wallet and would like to know how to get the improvements in the play market.
I've noticed that some of GoC token holder are using badger also so having it updated would benefit many.

It's the simple version of Bitcoin com wallet good for simple stuff. hopefully someone can direct to who to contact.
Thank you

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Re: Who own Badger wallet on google play and how to contribute to it

Tue Feb 23, 2021 1:49 pm

I also like to know. Can't find a support channel. The Badger wallet channel on Telegram seems to be abandoned by anybody dedicated to any project.

Recently all my tokens disappeared from my Badger wallet although the transaction history and the balance say otherwise and I can't do any transactions anymore.
I made a video about he issue: youtu .be /7HBYgDPrX7g (remove the spaces)

So if you got any info please tell me. It looks like still promotes the wallet.

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