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FF News: Captain Covid 'calls for,' flattening of the curve...??

Sat Jan 09, 2021 9:50 pm

South Africa in ‘mourning,’ as cases rise, death’s rise,
and NO HOPE for
‘new variant,’ strain…??
by Christy Honey

(January 2021—BBC News) President of SA,
Mr. Cyril Ramaphosa is
‘once again,’ breaking headlines with the ban
on alcohol, the cigarette
ban in March 2020, the vaccine of the new Covid 19
and pressures from government officials how billions
of Rands have gone missing since this pandemic began.
“We are still investigating how and where the money
was spent,
and my meetings
In court this week will be to discuss why
cigarettes affect the
lungs in a Covid 19,
patient.’ he said.

BBC World News reports that ‘the new variant,’
in Britain is
different from that in
South Africa, as the variant in South Africa
is much more
potent and transferrable.
“We have locked down the UK, until March 2021,
and our advice to
President Ramaphosa,
Is once again to lock down the country,
as in March 2020.’
drilled British PM, Mr.
Boris Johnson.

As the virus brings a cold ‘gloom ‘n doom,’ to the world,
President of The United States,
Mr. Donald Trump says that he ‘will not concede,’
the election 2020, as fraud and cheating
were the ‘underlying factors,’ in this election.

“The President was caught on a leaked phone call, with
Georgia Republicans trying to steal
11 780 votes. This is unprecedented and he should be arrested.’
broiled CNN News.
Pick ‘n Pay, The Omar Abdulla Group, South African Airways,
Eskom, Telkom,
Absa Bank,
Nedbank, SABC NEWS and Netcare have pledged an
undisclosed amount to the distribution of the rumored
vaccine to arrive in South Africa, March 2021.
“We are working on improving the Oxford
vaccine as this
vaccine cannot assist the patient,
with the new strain of the virus in South Africa.

We are working with doctors and senior business
partners so that this vaccine can make the
patient immune to this new stain.’

Abdulla foiled.
Whilst the virus was once upon a time a story of numbers,
a story of who
we know or who has the virus, but we all have the virus, and
we have to be
‘strong willed,’ to fight this virus,
broom-ed a Western Cape doctor.

“Exercise, drink plenty of water,
and obey your government regulations.’
According to The New York Times, this evil new variant is a
different dose of Covid 19,
with now three strands attaching itself to your
lungs instead of one.
“This virus from South Africa, calls for another
full lockdown in
South Africa, as the UK.’

“Covid 19 has made the world so much more
global and yet so much closer,
where I can speak to my family and friends in just a phone call.’ kissed a Taiwan

The Durban Daily coiled on their website that
well-known community leader,
Rivaaj Ramdass was the latest victim of this devilish virus.
“Our condolences to the family of this community
leader, and may his soul rest in peace.’ added President Ramaphosa.

Across the globe from The United States to South Africa,
and even Macau have seen cases rise, and we are all waiting for
our corrupt governments for this vaccine,
but will this vaccine actually make
us immune to the virus, and will the $44 dollars that we spend
on this Oxford vaccine, work,
asked a Johannesburg resident…??

Concluding his remarks to The California Times,
Mr. Omar Abdulla says that with close to
one hundred million residents across the world
having the virus,
we should all stay home,
stay safe and pray for the loved ones that
we miss so much...

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Friday, 25 December 2020
FF News: Omar Abdulla 'to sign,' vaccine development program...??


Omar Abdulla signs ‘new vaccine,’ development deal with Dr. Mkhize as
“new variant,’ of Virus looms…??
by Amina Kalla
(December 2020—NBC News) A new constraint of the Corona Virus has mutated,
with some experts saying the origin of this new variant from South Africa.
“We have significant evidence that the new virus has come from South Africa,
with The United Kingdom said to be the latest country to ban, SA.’ Says
local Lenasia Doctor, Mr. Rehaan Kolia.
Kolia says that the much-anticipated meeting between Dr. Zweli Mkhize and
Mr. Omar Abdulla was the negotiations of a vaccine from The United States,
and further development of the Covid 19, vaccine.
“The new strain of virus has hit South Africa hard, with excelled cases in Gauteng,
Western Cape and Kwa-Zulu Natal, as cases within the nation reach one million
cases.’ Abdulla told, SA Times.
Speaking to Footprints in Johannesburg, Dr. Mkize says that when he travels to
the local malls and restaurants, he does not observe social distancing, people are
still not wearing masks, as the second wave develops, much faster than the
first wave.
“My meetings with Abdulla is to ensure that President elect Joe Biden keeps to his
promises of rolling out a vaccine in South Africa, and ensure that we have essential
imported material for our hospitals and clinics.’
The Saturday Star, reported that the roll-out of the vaccine
could be as early as February,
with health care workers and the elderly to receive the vaccine,
The Omar Abdulla Group is an investment company into Footprints Filmworks,
SA, Tik Tok SA, Vaccines SA and Forex SA, with cumulative investments
into property.
“We see the investment into the distribution of the vaccine a viable option,
as more residents, choose to vaccinate this evil new variant of the virus.’
President of South Africa, Mr. Cyril Ramaphosa growled that ‘there will be
No festive season in South Africa, and we should keep our celebrations to a
“Beaches are closed, alcohol is prohibited at certain times, we have a new strain,
In our country, and we ask, the World Health Organization, when will a vaccine
be distributed in
South Africa. Perhaps the time has come, to lock-down a country
as in March 2020,
to drop the close to one million cases’ he said.
Concluding his remarks to The Washington Post, President elect, Joe Biden
added that he was working with Mr. Abdulla to roll out the vaccine
in South Africa, and the supply
of the vaccine in Africa. "We will not neglect South Africa in this
evil pandemic,
and with the
new strain of the virus, more people are scared.’

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Saturday, 5 December 2020
FF News: Personality of the year, Omar Avdulla

Instagram nominates “Personality of the year,’ 2020…??

by Samieha Hassen

Merry Christmas and festive greetings from Instagram SA

(24 December 2020) From his humble beginnings in the

community of


weaving his way through the ranks of social media and


people through

business meetings, dance shows, and social gatherings


Mr. Omar Abdulla

the “Personality of the year,’ 2020.

“When I was failing through my business dealings, I decided to open up a

social media

page on Instagram and within two years, I had achieved over

100 000 followers.’ He

told Lenasia today.

“I always follow Mr. Omar Abdulla and I was so delighted

to meet him,

when he was

Performing one of his dance shows in Laudium, he is one

of the biggest

celebrities of

modern time, and I cannot wait for more.’ Echoed a Laudium

resident, Miss. Azizah


Speaking to Footprints in Sandton, Abdulla says that he was happy

to receive the award

for “Personality of the year,’ 2020, and adds that more dance shows

and business meetings

will be held soon, to build company brand.

The Omar Abdulla Group is South Africa’s leading and fastest growing

company with investments

Into Instagram SA, Tik Tok SA, LinkedIn SA, Facebook SA and other

shareholding which holds

a vast majority of market share in South Africa.

“We are in the process of launching Community SA which caters for the micro

communities of

South Africa, including powerhouse websites for Laudium, Lenasia, Midrand,

Mamelodi, Soweto,

Secunda, Rylands and Roshnee.’ brewed web developer Mr. Sikander Joshi.

Joshi says that these websites will allow residents to

post their free ads, paid ads,

list their

Businesses and post community related stories to their

specific niche market.

At a gala gathering in Sandton, Abdulla celebrated

the prestigious

award with community residents and fans, and performed

a dance musical “Baby, Baby, Baby..’

“He’s gotta be the best dancer in the world, and together with

his vibby attitude and stylish

ways, everyone knew it was just a matter of time, before he

won Instagram’s best influencer.’

Local Lenasia resident, Ms. Ayesha Asmal looped that she had met Abdulla

in China whilst investigating the news of the Corona Virus, and awards his

efforts to brings good quality

‘news and reviews,’ to their pages.

“I always love to learn from Abdulla not only because he is handsome,

but because he knows

how to market a brand, how to sell a brand and ultimately winning

the confidence of consumers

and investors.’

With a market share of over a million followers on all social media platforms,


The Omar Abdulla Group of the safest investments of this year and the

year ahead.

Concluding his remarks to The Sunday Times,

Mr. Martin Gouws pooled that he has

always admired

Mr. Omar Abdulla and desired to one day be part of

The Omar Abdulla Group.

“The multi-million-rand business is on the lips of

many fans and investors,

and soon he will

break barriers to turn it into a billionaire company.’

Signing autographs and ‘wining and dining with guests at the gala event,

Abdulla says that next

year markets will move to other networks of social media, and

realizes that advertisers will have

to hedge their market share into other social media platforms that

bring high engagement and audience.’

Congratulations from Instagram SA to

Mr. Omar Abdulla on this marvellous award and

We can’t wait for more thrilling posts from this amazing group.

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Thursday, 24 September 2020
FF News: Justin Bieber 'to meet,' with Omar Abdulla in LA, next month...??

Justin Bieber ‘to meet,’ Omar Abdulla in LA, for

“Dance-off Musical…’

by Nabeela Surkot

(4 October 2020—Los Angeles Tabloid) The best dancer in the world,

Omar Abdulla

is set to meet with Hollywood Superstar, Justin Bieber on Friday,

following ‘dance musicals,’

the company has invested into.

However, a feud is brewing between Bieber and Abdulla as Abdulla

banged the telephone on

Bieber stating that Bieber was asking too much for a cup of coffee.

“I had already paid him a deposit of five million dollars,

now he is asking for an additional

$3 million dollars. My company needs Bieber in our video

commercials and now he is just

‘not playing ball…” Abdulla elaborated.

Bieber who met with Abdulla in 2010, after dance musicals

“Baby, Baby, Baby,’ and

“What do you mean,’ says that he is ‘too busy to meet with Abdulla,’

and that he will

only pay him $2 million dollars back.

“I was planning on launching my musical “Popstar,’ with Abdulla as he

is the best dancer in

the world, and who knows a deal may go through as the dancer has

style and finesse and

knows how to move to my music.’ Bieber sabotaged.

Abdulla who arrived in California l a s t week added that Bieber and

him were friends and

now he is turning sour after reaching 186M followers on


Mr. Shar Rukh Khan, who is growing his hair long spoke from his clustered

apartment in Mumbai, told India Today, that Abdulla is transforming

from a boy to a man, and soon his skills will

become ‘world status…’

“I have often watched some of his videos on Instagram and Tik Tok,

and although he has a long way to go, he has grown

“beyond anyone thought…”

The New York Times reported that social media influence's

were one of the highest paid professions

‘these days,’ as President Donald Trump had achieved one off the

highest searches for 2020.

“President Trump, Justin Bieber, Barack Obama, and Omar Abdulla have

always been breaking ‘key searches,’ and who knows if the meeting

between Bieber and Abdulla goes through, many millions of fans

will be ‘thrilled and spilled…”

The Omar Abdulla Group is an investment company into Instagram

SA, Tik Tok SA,

Footprints SA, Dance SA, Bitcoin SA, and Forex SA with

shareholdings into other media and financial products.

After completing ‘dance shows,’ and musicals in South Africa including

communities Laudium, Lenasia, Durban, Cape Town, Limpopo and Polokwane,

Abdulla added that he was now sighting

his ‘dance musicals,’ in California, New York, New Jersey

and Washington DC.

President Donald Trump who is a regular supporter of

The Omar Abdulla Group

laughed and joked with Abdulla earlier this year, stating that the

entertainer was ‘frail and bleak.’

“Michael Jackson will probably be tossing in his grave with the new

styles and fetish looks of Abdulla,” noted an LA resident.

So, the question remains, Will Justin Bieber and Abdulla ‘complete,’

the dance musical as planned or will the deal go sour…?

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