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Upfiring (UFR) has 100x potential. Their product is amazing and the mc is low

Sat Jan 09, 2021 9:12 pm

Upfiring went 100x in 2017 and that was when BTC was 1/2 the price, and they didn't even have a working product yet.

I don't even need to shill you on this because you can try the dapp out for yourself (see their website). It's amazing. They've created the first P2P file-sharing network on Ethereum- like BitTorrent, but seeders get rewarded with crypto. They just released their product this year and are undergoing a rebrand right now to try to make the project THE dapp for file-sharing on ETH.

Recently the price has doubled but it's still not too high yet:

Highly recommending getting in this while the price is so low, this will explode in alt season.

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