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Free Bitcoin Algorithmic Trading robot - get set up in 5 minutes with auto mode

Fri Nov 20, 2020 3:19 pm


I am marketing a free Algorithmic trading robot which will allow you to set up automated trading based on algorithms that have been backtested against 200k prices/ timeframes, trading Bitcoin/ USD, or other cryptocurrencies against the dollar. The robot can work with multiple strategies, algo's, timeframes and with additional parameters such as stoploss and take profit. It will perform the entire process including execution of trades on the Bitfinex and KuCoin exchanges. It is based on the idea of backtesting all strength/ weakness entry and exit points and reporting on the best performing backtest so that it can be used for live trading. The robot has an auto mode (recommended mode) and advanced mode. In the recommended mode, the highest performing algo in the backtest for the timeframe designed is presented for use. Algocentric also provides a secondary product called Trading Discovery which allows advanced users to experiment with backtesting scenarios to form their own high performing algorithms for use. Trading Discovery is a client / server solution that allows central collation of backtests so that they can be shared which effectively distributes the workload among users’ machines in a "grid computing" type setup.

I developed this software myself and have been using the software personally for several years, and I decided to put it into a distributable package to see if I can market it, therefore am giving it away for free until further notice. For clarity, the full functionality is free until further notice. The package has a license which is centrally controlled and can be stopped at any point in time. The product will be free until further notice.

The website and product are both Beta versions i.e. very much "pop up" versions which are due to be formalised later if there is interest in the product. I would appreciate that anyone interested takes a proper look at the product and comments (as opposed to Ad Hominem negative comments). Also, I would appreciate if users communicate any feedback, and errors/ error messages to me.

Format: Executable file which runs a console menu driven application
Platforms: Windows, Linux (tested on Ubuntu)
Exchanges: Bitfinex, KuCoin

The product must be used in accordance with the warnings, and terms and conditions which are displayed upon launch. All trading is carried out entirely at your own risk, and no liability is accepted for any trades carried out. It is important to understand the risks and required controls for trading. 80 to 90% of retail traders lose money, and many wipe out their entire trading account.

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