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Wonderful Opportunity to Earn $ 1000 with BFG Coin

Wed Nov 04, 2020 9:49 am

In this article, I'm happy to share a great opportunity with BetFury. It is 100% safe and reliable to use!

Betfury has made it possible for everyone to earn money without even investing their own money.

BetFury is in my opinion the best gaming platform in the world!
You can stay at home, watch a movie, or even go about your business at work and earn passive income at the same time.
I mean, 75 free satoshi every 20 minutes is incredibly cool!


BFG Token:

This is the best guys .. the BFG token is like a magic token. You mine BFG token by playing BetFury games. In my opinion, dice works best and fastest when mining your bitcoin to BFG token
You don't need to invest in BetFury to start mining. I have been working with BetFury for about a month now and I have already mined 1,500 BFG tokens and I have not invested any money in the site. 1 BFG token is currently worth 7600 Satoshi, the price will automatically increase as more people join and tokens will be mined by users themselves. The BFG token will soon be listed on the exchange and then users will be able to sell their BGF, although I doubt anyone will do it.

The next plus - when the number of your BFG tokens becomes more than 10, staking is automatically enabled and you will receive your share every day! Now staking is 420% per annum

When you invite other users to join the site, you receive 15% of their winnings in the game! You also get cashback for your losses up to 25%!
Slots that make it easy to make money by being able to play with a 95% chance of winning, contests and jackpots almost every day with lots of prizes to win!

You have nothing to lose and you will be happy with BetFury, it will change your future, and there are so many benefits and opportunities! I have no doubt that this platform has a good future ahead of it, it is only growing. Registering and getting started now is a good decision because I can guarantee that many more people will join us in the future. Why not get started and build your platform before it happens

Nickel Bitcoiner
Nickel Bitcoiner
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Re: Wonderful Opportunity to Earn $ 1000 with BFG Coin

Sun Nov 08, 2020 4:57 am

75 satoshi every 20 minutes... I think thats too good to be true..

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