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What is the PCEX Member Franchise Business Model?

Tue Oct 06, 2020 10:33 am

The cryptocurrency market in India has exploded lately after the government’s withdrawal of the ban to trade in cryptocurrencies. With that said, you can scale up your passive income source by trading in Bitcoin, Monero, Ether, and DAI to build a substantial portfolio investment. PCEX Member, a renowned digital cryptocurrency exchange in India, has introduced its growth model that allows your money to work for you, instead of you working for the money. Sounds a lot fascinating, isn’t it? In the turbulent Coronavirus times, enroll in the PCEX Member partner model for consistent revenue generation for sustainability.

What is the PCEX Member Business Model?

PCEX Member business model is a unique opportunity for you to register with the PCEX Member and work on their behalf as a master franchise, franchise, and freelancer to help bring liquidity. In the process, you will get a specific commission from the trade for your efforts. You can simply understand the model as a vast network of people who would trade at the PCEX Member, and you will be getting a consistent flow of income as commission for the trades that they do. You can participate as a master franchise consisting of big sharks like LLP, LTD, and partnership firms businesses who are registering themselves as a sub-broker on PCEX Member to bring liquidity on the cryptocurrency trading platform.

To register on the platform as Master Franchise, you need to pay INR 100,000 as a registration fee with the required criteria fulfilled as mentioned by the platform. Apart from the profit that you will make, there will also be compensation in the form of incentives for other franchises that you bring under your names. The brokerage earned will be split with the PCEX Member and you, as a master franchise, get a chance to earn a sizable proportion of the benefits for every trade that traders do acting as the maker or taker of the market. PCEX Member’s Master Franchise will get the opportunity to earn 60% brokerage as a commission on the trade that their sub-brokers/franchises do on the platform.

Similar is the case with Member Franchises, who need to spend Rs. 12, 000 as a registration fee to become PCEX Member Franchise and they will be eligible to get 40% of the commission on all brokerages done on the platform. This deal is ideal for small businesses that are looking forward to diversifying their passive income portfolio and get a consistent return in the process. If you feel that the above model is not suitable for you, there is a chance to try for this model to earn a consistent income during the CoronaVirus Pandemic.

Last but not the least, there is also a freelancer model where you can register yourself as a freelancer and bring liquidity on the platform by creating a network of clients under yourself. In the process, you will be eligible to get 20% of the commission on all trades done on the platform. The freelancer model is for those who shouldn’t take monetary means as an obstacle to register as a sub-broker/franchise on PCEX Member. Freelancers need to pay 700+18% GST to register themselves on PCEX Member.

What is the Eligibility Criteria To Become a Master Franchise, Franchise, or Freelancer on PCEX Member? ‘

For Master Franchise
Directors & partners shouldn’t be less than 21 years of age.
The directors and partners must be of good character.
Shouldn’t have a record of fraud or dishonesty.
Should be high school or 12th pass from a recognized school or board.
1+ years of experience in Stock, Forex, Wealth Management, PMS, or Cryptocurrency Market is compulsory
Adequate infrastructure must be present, like offices, equipment, and human resources for conducting the operations.

For Franchise

Mandatory to be not less than 21 years of age for all directors and partners.
Necessary to bear a good character.
No reputation of fraud or dishonesty
Must have passed high school from a recognized board
1+ year of experience in Stock, Forex, Wealth Management, PMS, or Cryptocurrency Market is compulsory
Must have a well functional office with necessary infrastructure and staff.
For Freelancers
Mandatory to be a citizen of India
Minimum 18 years in age
No conviction for crimes committed
A good moral character is necessary.
Mandatory to have matriculated.
Documents Required To Register As PCEX Member Franchise
Registration Number
Financial Statement
3 Year ITR
ID Proof
Address Proof
Property Paper/Lease Agreement
In case if you are facing any issue registering yourself into bitcoin business in India, you are free to contact PCEX Member and they will guide you in understanding the whole process. It is the best time to register and open doors for a consistent passive/active income instead of being a part of today’s poor performing stock market franchise business.

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