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Sentivate is going to make Ethereum obsolete within 5 years

Sun Oct 04, 2020 9:40 am

This project is still flying under many people's radars, though it has experienced solid growth in the past few months.

Sentivate is producing what Ethereum failed to create - a hybrid web that merges aspects of both the decentralized web and centralized web together, so that all of the resources of both ecosystems will be available to developers on the platform and thus, users.

It is a full, complete "internet" being built from scratch with its own version of DNS, HTTP (it will be called UDSP), and more. The ability to produce hApps (hybrid apps) will be far superior to ETH's current system because they can incorporate centralized components when needed to do some of the "heavy lifting" of the hApp, while keeping it sufficiently decentralized by allowing users to control their own addresses/keys, vote for governance, etc.

The site is, the price per token of SNTVT right now is $0.005, and the market cap is $14,300,000. Compare this to its competitors like TRX, ETH, EOS, and ADA, and it could easily 50x in value over the next year or two, if successful. The Telegram is pretty active btw for those who are interested:

Let me know what you guys think.

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