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Bitcoin said to ‘drop,’ with Covid 19 woes, says

“The Wolf of Wall Street,’ Omar Abdulla??

by Faaiza Ismail

(19 February 2020-BBC) “The Wolf of Wall Street,’ Mr. Omar Abdulla is to
have addressed members of the investment community this week, stated that

the price of Bitcoin and other Chinese created Crypto Currencies related, are

said to drop with the fundamental data of the Covid 19 virus, the slowdown of

US growth and straddle economic data from The United States.

“The Chinese pandemic has caused major losses to China, and

thus impacting the growth

on The United States. I would sell Bitcoin, Dollar, and perhaps

hold the rand for some strength.’

he retired.

Speaking to Footprints in Wuhan, local Chinese resident, Ms. Ameila Wang says

that Wuhan has been locked down since 23 Jan 2020, and the death toll has

almost reached 2000.

“We are not even counting the dead bodies that have died at home, on the street,

or mis-calculations from the Chinese government.’

The Economic Times reported that we should see some dollar and

Bitcoin weakness

as China has not been to over in over two months, already impacting

the global sector.

“Third world currencies is where we see the investment rise, as first

world countries have

already seen fears rise, and South Africa or even Africa has

reported little or no cases.’

The Omar Abdulla Group which has investments into Bitcoin SA, Forex SA,

Instagram SA

and Facebook SA noted that they will be short-selling major currencies,

buying into

South African currencies and African shares.

“We see opportunities to about April 2020, depending on the

control of the virus.’

The World Health Organization is said to meet with President Donald

Trump and President

Xi Jinping this week to bring the economic crisis to an upbeat.

“China has already spent close to $4 billion dollars on the virus and a further

estimated $3 billion dollars

will be needed from The United States and The World Health Organization.’

The death toll has already reached 2000, with more than 70 000

cases reported, and we could see more short selling in the weeks to come,

as China deals with Covid 19, ended a Wuhan resident.

“The Wolf of Wall Street,’ Omar Abdulla sees

new insights on investments

Into South Africa…??

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Sat Oct 03, 2020 6:12 pm

As for me, the situation associated with the Covid crisis did not affect the world of cryptocurrency specifically. On the contrary, people continued to work during this difficult time for everyone.

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