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It's just a 100x catcher with around 100$ in balance you should get some profit. Don't be greedy tho. Bet at your own risk.


var config = {
  baseBet: { label: "Base bet", type: "balance", value: 100 },            // how many satoshis to bet initially
  target: { label: "Target", type: "multiplier", value: 100 },              // target multiplier
  betMultiplier: { label: "Bet multiplier", type: "multiplier", value: 1.01 } // what to multiply the bet size by when we lose a wager

let lossCount = 0
this.log(`Starting martingale with a base bet of ${config.baseBet.value} satoshis.`)
while (true) {
  // make the bet and wait for the result
  const { multiplier } = await,
  if (multiplier < { // loss
    this.log(`Lost bet. Multiplying bet size by ${config.betMultiplier.value} for new bet size of ${betSize(lossCount)} satoshis.`)
  } else { // win
    lossCount = 0
    this.log(`Won bet. Setting bet size to ${config.baseBet.value} satoshis.`)
function betSize(lossCount) {
  const bet = config.baseBet.value * Math.pow(config.betMultiplier.value, lossCount)
  return Math.round(bet / 100) * 100

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