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Become a member at Credex Trade

Wed Sep 16, 2020 7:00 am

Am a technical analyst at Credex Trade and together with my team, we automated forex and cryptocurrency trading by using software designed specifically to know exactly when the price of a currency pair will rise or fall then automatically execute trades according to those readings, making us profit at all times.

Just imagine if one knew exactly how the market will be every second, imagine if you knew when the price of a currency pair will fall or rise, making you profit at all times. Then think of how much a platform like Credex generates daily from the forex and cryptocurrency market.

With a minimum $200 startup you can become a member at Credex, you get registered under the system's trading algorithm, which means the system trades on your behalf, you don't have to sit with your phone or computer doing any sort of trading, neither do you need have any knowledge about trading. The system trades daily on the forex and cryptocurrency market, making you 1.5% to 2.0% return daily on your initial investment for a period of 20 to 25 days, making you 30% to 50% profit on your investment.

For more inquiries and link to our official website, you can contact us via


Note: We're not into any form of Ponzi or Pyramid scheme, we trade on the forex and cryptocurrency market using automated trading software, and we're regulated in the United States.

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