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Do you want to enjoy a healthy life and earn VIC rewards?

Thu Sep 03, 2020 10:13 am

Who can get VIC rewards? How does VIC Reward work?

I think everyone can win a VIC! We not only reward you as a consumer, but also the members of the care team who helped you on your healthcare journey to VITALITY.

Therefore, every time you perform a task based on a smart contract, VIC Rewards will use VIC to reward you and your supporting medical team members.

If you are participating in, and complying with, your set healthcare plan, or trying to be (or stay) healthy, then you are a reduced burden on the healthcare system, and VIC Rewards will reward you with VIC for this. It’s that simple!

For example:
 Walk 20 mins a day and earn VIC.
 Eat healthy and earn VIC.
 Perform regular health checks and earn VIC.
 Have your family members help you get well, and you and your family members can earn VIC.
See their trending video for examples -

If you’re a care team member, (family member, wellness or health specialist) and you are working towards your patient’s healthcare goals and outcomes then we will also reward you for doing your part.

As I know that VIC Rewards has been specially designed for healthcare.Unlike many other Crypto tokens and products, VIC Rewards will provide True Utility Value. Here are VIC Rewards commitment to all VIC investors.

They want consumers to use VIC to purchase health and wellness services and products from quality partners and providers of the VIC Marketplace and VIC ecosystem.

To enjoy the reward of being able to spend them on more ways to stay healthy and improve lifestyle and well-being is a great new way of living.

More choice, more health and vitality and more rewards in consumer’s pockets is good for the economy and good for the future of healthcare.

For more info you can simply visit at https://vicrewards.io

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