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With a one time payment of 0.06 (Roughly $15.00 USD) you can earn thousands with this newly created smart contract. The more people you refer the more you will earn, however, it is not a necessity to invite.
Forsage is an Etherium Smart Contracted system, meaning even if their website shutdown it is connected directly to the Blockchain and will still implement automatic payments to your wallet.
In order to join Forsage you have to use One of Two Wallets:
Trust Wallet - Mobile Device
MetaMask - Computer Extension Wallet
In this next step you will only need to transfer a total of 0.06 Ethereum to your newly created Wallet

Step 1:
Go in your app store and Download Trust wallet to your phone. You can either buy (0.055 ETH) or $50 worth of ethereum from your trust wallet or send it from wallet you purchased from to your Trust wallet.


Once your wallet is funded scroll to the bottom of your trust wallet and click DAPPS (Android phones) or Browser (iPhones)


Next copy and paste this link into the url forsage(.)io/i/h45ndb/ (WITHOUT THE PARENTHESIS)
Click into box paste link click done

Hit done.
It will take you to the smart way forsage website, just click on the green button and it will take you to page where you will then click on register, it will allow you to pay into program (If it's in a different language just click on English at the top)


Once you have paid it automatically makes you a member and if you click the back arrow button you should see your member number in your back office and your referral link !

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This system really works. If somebody want to join my team just contact me.
Interesting thing is that all money is in your wallet. No need for making accounts, withdraws...all is anonymous.
After first referral you bring in, you will receive first prize in wallet. You can choose after which matrix you upgrade.
Use my link, join my team and I will help you to find more referrals.
•It's a Matrix and Cycler with 24 Income Streams.
•Bring 3 Help 3 Get 3, we work as a team.
•Onetime payment of 0.06 ETH (15usd)
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