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Freebitcoin AI script

Tue May 26, 2020 7:09 pm


I just released a script to automatic free roll in FreeBitCoin, it works with tampermonkey

it try to behave like humans. Sometimes it's slower, sometimes is faster, to avoid account lockdown and wallet lost
it plays website games automatically
it buys reward points automatically
it buys lottery ticket automatically
in the night is sleepy, but when some promo is active is faster

I uploaded the script on greasyfork: [url] bit. ly/2M4BNH [/url] [[remove space]]

Do you have some other idea i can develope and add to the script?
Some feedback would be appreciated :)

if you use it and like it, I accept donations at btc address: 1tzuFgvCHCkLD13ZfbsJYFT7E4QgmhMDx

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