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seed phrase problem?

Sun May 17, 2020 6:21 pm

Years ago, I suggested to a friend that they install the wallet, and sent them some BCH. I told this person, be sure to back up your seed phrase! They did...

Since then, my friend has received a few BTC payments so they have two wallets on their phone, one for BTC, and one for BCH.

Recently they wanted to split their BCH/BSV, so I suggested they put their seed phrase into a wallet that can do splitting for them... When they did this, that wallet showed 0 BCH, but their BTC balance was there... So I said, "huh.. this must be the seed phrase for your BTC wallet, not the BCH one you created years ago", to which they replied "no.. this is what I wrote down years ago..."

So, then they showed me that if they go to their BTC wallet, and choose the show recovery option, it shows the exact same seed phrase as when they go to the BCH wallet and choose the show recovery option......... But yet, there is 0 BCH for the wallet associated with the seed phrase the wallet shows (yet the wallet shows a BCH balance).

I am at a loss for what's going on...

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