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BTC Stolen from Charity Fund

Sat May 16, 2020 5:22 pm

I work with a charity in Sri Lanka named Child Protection Society of Ceylon

Ceylon is a former name for Sri Lanka. At our home we have 26 boys between the ages of 6 to 16. As there are strict capital controls in Sri Lanka it is very difficult for us to obtain donations or put money into our local account from donors overseas. We learnt about Bitcoin in September 2017 and started saving Bitcoin in a BLOCKCHAIN wallet on the app in my phone. I wrote down the 12 words safely when creating the wallet and also the primary and secondary password for my blockchain wallet.

On 17 December 2019 we had collected more than 3.28 Bitcoin which would amount to almost $20,000 USD. We need this money to pay for food, medicine, clothes, basic groceries and home repairs in the year 2020.

I tried to transfer all our BTC out of the blockchain wallet however it was asking for a secondary password which didn’t match the one on record. We then downloaded the following BIP39 program through Ian Colemans Git Hub page: -Link can be provided via private msg-
THIS WAS A BIG MISTAKE. This was an infected program that we downloaded. We entered the 12 words on this program and it took over our BTC. The infected program took all our 3.28 BTC and transferred it to the following address: 1MevTyox1M9ea2t4J8k3FaZecqSkN8vbir

Our entire saving was stolen within a few minutes.

We will never make this mistake again. We now use a reputed hardware wallet (Ledger Nano S) to store and spend our BTC.

I am happy to share my phone number and email. Please send me a personal message if you need any other information to confirm the veracity of this statement. Official documentation proving that we are an approved charity under the government can be seen here: - -Link can be provided via private msg-

My ask to everyone in this community is:

1. If our stolen BTC has gone to an exchange - can someone help me trace which exchange and assist to get it back?

2. Can you donate a little BTC to our newly created hardware wallet, bearing address: 14xnmjJJEYu7g1wGdBaARJAxyvR6W2nrkP

Our BTC address for donation is also located on our website

All projects that we conduct using donated BTC will be displayed on our website.

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