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TRON DApp Tronvillage Review (Investment)

Sat Feb 09, 2019 10:43 am

ImageThis is a review for the TRON DApp Tronvillage which launched on the 3rd January 2019.Image Image Let's start with the developers, namely Alexkirsanoff and Bullseye. They are not new to Blockchain and cryptocurrency as they have DApps on other chains such as Ethereum. For example, they have two successful DApps called Etherinvest5 and Bestmultiplier. They currently target English, Russian, and Chinese markets for Tronvillage and have a unique style of growing the player base. There is no referral system which usually encourages players to advertise and get rewards, so growth is slow, smooth and gradual, but it is done this way to ensure the DApp has a long lifespan. One can see the developers are putting in effort to keep Tronvillage going for as long as possible by incorporating gradual growth instead of a gambling DApp - where people get instant rewards but risk is much higher. Having said this, Tronvillage already has over 18 Million TRX to its name as well as more than 1000 users. Tronvillage also has an active Telegram group where the developers and community are friendly, answer questions, and are always willing to help and grow the community and Tronvillage further.

Once one enters Tronvillage’s website, there is already eye-catching graphical images. One sees a late 19th century entrepreneur which already indicates the economical nature of the DApp. The first paragraph complements this idea by stating:

“Tron Village - is an economic strategy where you can earn cryptocurrency Tron.
Becoming a member of our project, you can run your own business
– acquire and develop your production,
which yields real profit.”
Image As one scrolls down the homepage, the viewer is given details as to the essentials of the game – To create a village buy purchasing different factories which generate income. It is important to note Tronvillage’s economy runs on coins. 1 TRX is worth 25 coins. Every time someone purchases coins, it goes into what is called the “Reserve Trx” which is where all Trx withdrawals are taken from.

When entering the DApp it is apparent there are six different factories to purchase – Bakery, Teashop, Confectionery, Bee Yard, Brewhouse, and a Perfumery. They each cost a certain number of coins and generate coins per hour which is income – Half going into treasury, which is used to purchase more factories, and the other half is considered “spare” which one could either withdraw for TRX or put back into the game for factory purchases. This is a clever idea as it encourages people to expand the number of buildings owned which in turn equals more income.
Image Taking a look at some of the factories, the Bakery costs 3000 coins (120 TRX) with a profit yield of 4 coins per hour. After about 31 days one would have made the full 3000 coins split between treasury and spare. The Perfumery costs 950000 coins (38000 TRX) with a profit yield of 1400 coins per hour. After about 28 days one would have made the full 950000 coins back. Depending on one’s strategy, one should be able to withdraw their initial investment between 40 to 45 days. It is clear the more expensive the factory, the more income one will receive. This encourages users to put more TRX in the game which will keep the game running for longer.
Image There is statistics shown, such as how much reserve TRX there is in the game, how many players, buildings, and how much TRX has been withdrawn. There is also a feature where one is able to see the top 10 players in terms of hourly income. If one is a competitive person, this will encourage people to purchase more factories to place themselves on top. With these statistics is also a tab to show what transfers one has done, either withdrawing or transacting.
Image There are critical aspects of Tronvillage that must be mentioned. The Smartcontract can never be changed. This means nobody, including the developers is able to change anything in the DApp in terms of the smartcontract rules, such as cost, income, and that 1 TRX will always be equated to 25 coins. Tronvillage is open source so anybody is able to look at the code. There is nothing to hide. To reiterate this, Tronvillage has been audited and the result is that there are no bugs and no backdoors for the developers to withdraw all TRX and 'exit scam.' All transactions are on the blockchain for everyone to view if they so desire.

In conclusion, this DApp has a lot to offer. It is graphically appealing and has a simple user interface so anybody would be able to navigate with ease. Tronvillage does not boast quick gains, but offers a smooth and gradual growth of the DApp. The developers are open about the game and all what it has to offer which should create trust with all who use the platform and it being successfully audited should give more confidence, reeling in more users. I recommend this DApp.

Useful links:
ImageOpen Source Code
ImageAudit - Russian
ImageAudit Results - English

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Re: TRON DApp Tronvillage Review (Investment)

Wed Apr 29, 2020 12:51 pm

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