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Best Bitcoin Mining Software in 2020

Sat Mar 21, 2020 11:22 am

People who dream of getting rich through Bitcoin mining sometimes assume it's a difficult way to get free Bitcoin. It might have been in the past but it's different now.

we have the best Bitcoin Mining software for you.

Easy MultiMiner -- The Best Bitcoin Mining Software for Newbies

Everything is simple with the Easy MultiMiner software. Despite its advanced features, the simplicity of the Easy MultiMiner graphical user interface (GUI) makes it the first choice of most newbies in the mining business.

Even though the software was designed to be used on all Windows OS setting it up on Windows 10 can be a challenging task. The reason being that the Windows Defender and antivirus software present on the system will attempt to cease the installation because of its semblance to a virus, in some cases the files of Easy MultiMiner might be deleted by some antivirus software programs.

This miner conveniently adopts its own mining pool. This hastens the set-up procedure. Once you Download MultiMinerx.exe
and install the program, the software creates a Bitcoin wallet and the miner starts to mine bitcoins on your own private pool.

how expensive is the software ? Well, it is FREE

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