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PiNetwork - 25% Invitation code: pavel84

Mon Feb 10, 2020 10:28 am

Hello everyone!! Iam here to tell you about a new cryptocoin the FIRST ONE for mobiles...Its name is "Pi network".
It started on March 2019 and until november 2019 had 1 million users...Right now, 26/01/2020, the users are almost 3 million!!!
The hash rate will stop or get halved when this coin reach 10 million...As you can see its dynamic is HUGE!!
Go to play store ,write Pi network, and download it!! Everything is FREE
It created and supported by the UNIVERSITY OF STANFORD!!
I suggest you to search on youtube and google about this crypto and iam sure you gonna aggre with me that its dynamic is very good...
No destruction on battery cause it supported by servers that the university has
No damage on core, everyone is mining with the same rate, unless you invite people and the hash rate goes up and up!
Its a big opportunity...Currently it has no price its still beta(when it will reach 10 million users it will have a price as well,estimated around in the forth quarter of 2020)..
If you make an account place the code pavel84 for 25% bonus on mining..Its very easy application with all stadards!!
Good mining to everyone!

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Re: PiNetwork - 25% Invitation code: pavel84

Sun Mar 15, 2020 2:36 pm

How to join it?

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