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Nickel Bitcoiner
Nickel Bitcoiner
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OKGlobal Coin switch aims to be the future of global payment and individual currency management.

Sat Dec 07, 2019 3:04 am

What is OkGlobalCoin ICO?

I know OkGlobalCoin is the first true global security token offering. A smart currency that grows year by year and is supported by real assets.

It provides consumers and merchants with high commissions from daily financial transactions and services. Open to all participants. You don't need to be a certified or institutional investor.

OkGlobalCoin aims to provide a reliable alternative to convertible currency that solves the problem of convertible and speculative causes for people who depend on the transaction currency of services and products.

This issue requires further investigation and advice. The company will do what will benefit the participants and the overall project.

Instant mutual payments and the OkGlobalCoin service platform solve the real problems of high fees, slow account adjustment times, value volatility, lack of intrinsic transaction value, and currency depreciation due to inflation.

Why Invest in OKGlobal Coin?

OKGlobal Coin switch aims to be the future of global payment and individual currency

A cryptocoin tied to a community instantaneous payment and service platform with the unique trait of rising intrinsic coin value based upon reinvestment of profits from payment processing, insurance financing, currency exchange and other investment holdings/valuations into the coin ledger.

To navigate uncertain securities regulations and ensure full compliance, OKGlobal Coin and SWITCH(the underlying framework for payment transfer and verification) must be continuously adaptable to be structured any way necessary with changing technology and needs, separate cooperative entities with services offered to participating community members who agree to use OKGlobal coin SWITCH as a payment and services platform in lieu of traditional fiat currency.

For more info you can visit at okglobalcoinsg & okglobalcoin

U.S. SEC Registration:
Singapore ACRA business file :

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