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OpenLedger ApS is hiring!

Mon Sep 05, 2016 12:51 pm

OpenLedger ApS is hiring!


Whom are we looking for?

OpenLedger ApS and its many projects are looking for local ambassadors worldwide who can officially represent our projects (current and future) to their local blockchain and business environment. We wish to have representatives speaking as many languages as there are countries, and one country is not limited to one ambassador, as it all depends on size and geographic location.

At first stage our ambassadors will work primarily with our advertising platforms - Bitteaser and hubDSP - meaning the first stage is connecting with local companies needing best possible outcome from their advertising budget - promoting on the local advertising market.

If you have good communication skills, previous experience in PR, sales or marketing, interested in blockchain and future technologies and wish to boost your career with us, we are ready to hear from you.

Conditions of employment:
We are hiring on commission basis, the commission from the various revenue streams we offer is paid in BTSR - a digital token powered by YOU, the BitTeaser advertising network and the general demand for advertising. BTSR can be converted to BTC or real cash whenever needed. Details and structure of commission payout will be discussed in person in connection with you sending us your CV.


In future you will be able to get commission from:
1. the contracts you'll make in connection with advertising activities
2. From all active signup's you have made referring and helping your network of bloggers become part of the Bloggers Club activity in your local segment,
3. From all sales of products within our organization achieved by referred bloggers part of the VIP Bloggers Club program.
4. From all sales of products within our organization achieved by referred ambassadors
5. From all sales of products within our organization achieved by yourself
6. and more will come as we grow and include more ecosystems to our conglomerate.

Official contract? Yes!

Crypto debit card? Possible!

Join our Team!

Please connect with us only if you are interested in commission based work, and we will in return make sure it will be worth your while to work with us.
You can send your CV here ambassadors @

Thank you for your interest so far!

Yours sincerely
Ronny Boesing
OpenLedger ApS

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Re: OpenLedger ApS is hiring!

Mon Mar 20, 2017 3:59 am

Thanks for posting and will send you my Cv soon.

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