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About Filenet

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About Filenet
Filenet is an incentive layer built on top of IPFS to reward miners for sharing their storage and
network resources. Filenet is also a token, which runs on the distribution certification mechanism
and is a super cloud system based on IPFS to provide content sharing, dedicated to storing and
distributing valuable content. It aims to connect all the idle storage space and form a powerful
distributed data service system. Any storage device that can connect to the Internet can
participate in mining.
The project was launched by the IPFS community elite in October 2017 and led by the famous
American venture capital firm Valiant Heroic Capital.
Filenet combined with the IPFS protocol to build an efficient decentralized data distribution
network into a commercial closed loop. One: Reward miners to share their storage and network
resources through Token; Second: build a complete decentralized data service platform for DApp
operations, which is the representative product of Blockchain 3.0.
The Filenet project was released on October 23, 2018. Filenet's total circulation is 1 billion, of
which 80% is for miners' mining output, 10% for technology research and development, and 7%
for Filenet eco DApp promotion. The remaining 3 % is used for public exchange (ie 30 million in
On December 7, 2018, the Coineal Bill Exchange was launched on August 24, 2019 on the BTB
exchange, and on August 30, 2019, the ZG exchange.
Filenet will announce an open source plan for code based on IPFS networks in early October 2019.
The Filenet code open source project may take two quarters and is expected to complete the
overall open source work in early 2020. At present, Filenet has completed part of the open
source project, and the realization of the project is completely open source is the next stage of the Filenet technology community developers, which will greatly optimize and improve the
ecosystem of the Filenet community.

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