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CoinBeat was established to be the driving force for a healthier, and more inclusive, Blockchain and cryptocurrency economy. Bringing you news that is real and objective, messaging that is true and transparent, and opinions by the people helping to shape the economies of tomorrow.

CoinBeat is a community-driven, content and media platform providing news of industry innovations and projects to the Blockchain community. Our intention is to create partnerships with leaders and projects to distribute a variety of transparent, high-quality content to those who wish to learn and engage.

An agency at the core, now providing the public with quality content and steering the ship towards an engagement-driven arena that connects leaders and projects to the public through a plethora of media and content.

Media & Content
CoinBeat is a content and media agency at heart, now providing news, memes and various multi-media to cover on-the-go stories within the crypto and blockchain economy. We intend on providing content that encourages an engagement, keeps a sense of humour within our brand (memes) but most of all, ensuring that we are transparent with the coverage we provide and curators that distribute it.

The community is the foundation of who we are, and how we intend to create engaging relationships between leaders, projects, curators and the rest of the public. CoinBeat is a community-driven platform that not only provides news, but creates a space to connect various participants within the Blockchain and crypto ecosystem.

Daily breaking news, updates and stories covered by CoinBeat’s list of journalists and writers, providing on-the-go news of projects and events happening around the world, everyday.

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