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Nickel Bitcoiner
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Freldo Token is already on the exchange!

Thu May 23, 2019 6:03 pm

Freldo - a friendly social network forms and promotes the idea of business development through recommendations, exchange of feedback and information between participants.
The founders of the project have developed an effective mechanism for functioning within the network. Users can easily find the products and services they are interested in using a convenient search engine with various filters (rating, price, location, category), have the opportunity to invite friends through other social networks, messengers and mail-agents, and the business gets cheap and effective advertising in the circle of a huge number of friends and acquaintances.
At the same time, everyone gets their benefit from the service:
Customers receive:
high quality and tested other members of the services,
privileges and bonuses, due to referral reward system.
new customers,

The network has gained popularity among a large number of users in a short time, held a successful ICO and came out with own currency FRECNX on the cryptocurrency exchange BCEX. This is the Chinese exchange, which occupies a fairly strong and stable position in capitalization at CoinMarketCap (15th place). The trading platform supports more than 50 types of digital assets. The Exchange constantly increases trading volumes, holds a high position rating and actively develops its technological potential in the world of cryptoeconomics.
The strong position of the BCEX platform in the stock market cryptocurrency, currency availability and stablecoins, rarely found on large trading floors, attracts cryptocurrency traders who work for the future, develop the capabilities of their investment portfolio and look for new tools for additional earnings.

The FRECNX currency is very interesting for potential investors, that the price index of the token in comparison with the previously held ICO increased 2 times (0,8 $ versus 0,4 $). This position on the token exchange is justified by the fact that it’s based on real business, which has a significant growth rate, introduces innovative solutions in its activities.
The token is actively traded on the stock exchange, tends to grow and has excellent future prospects, as the developers are not going to stop there and will improve their work, expand the geography of action. All this will only raise the rating of the cryptocurrency and cost of the company itself.

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