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HYIP program - Generate large amounts of income through Micro Earnings

Mon Feb 11, 2019 12:37 am

I'm no expert, but I see myself as someone who takes risks with money I can afford to take risks with, Thus Micro Earnings is my place to be.

I've always been fond of Bitcoin, I keep my Bitcoin separate from my Micro-earnings, such as investments, yields, stocks/shares (With BTC) and even bonds. But my Micro earnings have recently became more than my earnings using the following 'risky' scheme.

I use HYIP programs, Yes you heard it here first "What the hell is this guy talking about... *Close Webpage*"

HYIP programs are risky, innovative and clever schemes run by clever businessmen with one goal to make a quick buck. That being said, HYIP programs do offer those involved "A high-yield investment program".

Recently I have been investing into HYIP programs, only those who hold significant: Customer service, Proof of payments/funds, Legal legislative requirements in place (UK based only, Company house registered) official office based locations (Where I'm able to literally turn up and meet the 'CEO' with ideas/willingness to invests and finally, a submitted way of 'withdrawing funds' during the process, non of this " you get your money back after 30 days" bullshit. is my most recent HYIP scheme, so much so my 'profit' from my other HYIP investments are being feeded into Stablemining. Using micro earnings ONLY. Initial investment requirement is 0.001BTC, With a withdraw requirement of 0.0005BTC (Thus, I initially deposited 0.005 so that I can withdraw each day).

The idea behind the above, as the HIYP program ticks all the boxes, I can deposit a large amount (0.005) withdraw a small amount each day (0.0005 which is my 10% daily earning) meaning if the company sold up and went bankrupt tomorrow, at-least I have a large amount of my initial investments back, or just started to make profits.

10% Daily is insane unheard of and reasonably sceptical, but true to their word they pay, and pay well they have as my initial deposit 0.005 has seen me withdraw a total of 0.008. To which I have invested back 0.005. Meaning I now get a total of 0.001 BTC to withdraw each day + my 0.003 That I kept as 'collateral' if the company went bust.

Meaning I now have a total of 0.01BTC in account, 0.001BTC withdrawn each day, all from my starting deposit of 0.005BTC.

Once you reach the 'I made PROFIT' the rest is easy advantage of the HIYP system - free money.

Below you can find my referral link to "Stable Mining LTD" which is where my most successful HIYP program, which I explained above. In addition, I have included my referral link to "" to which I used to generate my Microearnings, to fund into Stable Mining.

Stable Mining: (0.001 Minimum deposit, 10% back each day, 3% increase on reinvestment for using my refferal code) (No minimum requirement, just start and get earning! Use your reward points to increase your facuet by 1000%, I earn approximately 0.00015BTC from this website.

Any questions or query, please let me know.

Kind regards,


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