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2019’s Biggest Airdrop of 1 Million dollars in BTC - Prime XBT

Thu Jan 17, 2019 2:06 pm


Prime XBT is a new advanced crypto trading platform that offers margin trading with up to 100x leverage + long & short positions, thus enabling traders to profit in both rising and falling markets.

***PrimeXBT is launching this month in January 2019***

The platform’s Early Sign up & Referral Competition is on now and the company is giving away 1 Million dollars in BTC to the top 10,000 referring members.

The top 3 referring new members will take away:

1st Place wins 63 BTC = $250,000;
2nd Place wins 25 BTC = $100,000;
3rd Place wins 13 BTC = $50,000;

The remaining 9,994 top referring members are also generously awarded:

4 - 10 Places win 5 BTC = $18,000;
11 - 100 Places win 0.1 BTC = $400;
101 - 1000 Places win 0.05 BTC = $200;
1001 - 10,000 Places win 0.01 BTC = $40.

There are two simple steps to enter and to be eligible for the BTC giveaway...

First, sign up to the platform;
Second, share your referral links via Facebook and Twitter.

Early sign ups receive 50% off all trading fees for the first month, as well as all the people that you refer. Extra points can be earned by further sharing the giveaway/referral link via additional communities like: Medium, Steemit, YouTube, Reddit, Bitcointalk, etc.

It was only last week that PrimeXBT officially announced 2019’s biggest BTC giveaway, and in that time has drawn so much attention that the third party service hosting the competition couldn’t deal with the immense volume of 50,000+ applications, which forced a temporary suspension. This was swiftly resolved however, and affected applicants were notified to resubmit.

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