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Like the original Silk Road, we also prohibit the sale of “anything whose purpose is to harm or defraud.” This includes child pornography, stolen credit cards, assassinations and weapons of mass destruction. Unlike the original Silk Road we will also have to delete posts advertising things that are illegal in most jurisdictions. This isn't because we don't support your right to engage in these peaceful transactions, but because violent people we have never met, calling themselves the state, would likely use violence against us if we were to allow those things.

If you post an offering in this forum, and are using an ID that previously was in use on BitcoinTalk, you MUST digitally sign a message on both venues verifying your identity as being the same.

If you are unable, or unwilling to do this, you may still use this forum, but you must choose a unique user name.

Please post your verification in the-suggestion-box/signed-message-verif ... =signature.
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Contact: Telegram - the NEW global crypto hardware listing platform

Mon Jan 14, 2019 1:47 pm

Image is a global crypto hardware listing platform Image How It Works Image Image Getting Started 1. Create An Account

First thing you need to do is to create your own account which will allow you to post ads,
better communicate with our members and access some very cool features

Image 2. Post An Ad

Once you are finished with creating your account it is time to sell your miners
or miner related products you are offering
and in order to do that you have to submit some ads so people can notice you.
Image 3. Add a title and Choose the type of Listing

Add a detailed ad title and choose what kind of ad you want to submit:
Image 4. Price, Currency and Condition

Define the price of your product and the currency you would like to sell your ad.
You can choose between the following currencies:
After that, select the condition of the product.
Make sure you choose the condition type that best describes you product.
Image 5. Images and Video

Upload your images and videos. You can upload max. 5 images.
In order to provide you the best browsing experience on our website,
videos should be submitted as Youtube or Vimeo links.
Image 6. Description

The description is one the most important aspects of successfully selling your product.
Make sure you add a very detailed description of what you want to sell, covering all features of your product.
Image 7. Category

Your product must belong to a category. Please select the category that your product belongs to.
Depending on your product, it is possible that you have to select a subcategory for better filtering.

Image 8. Location

The last step is to choose your location.
Make sure you provide the correct location of your product as this information
can influence other costs of the buyer (like shipping and tariffs)
Image 9. Submit Ad

The last thing you have to do is check the “I agree to terms & conditions" box and click the “Save Ad" button and you are done.
Make sure you check your account frequently for messages from potential buyers.
Image Cost: FREE
Listing your miners is free for everyone.
We do plan to have paid features like
Bump Up Ads, Highlight Ads, Top Ads, Map Promotions, etc. in the future,
but for now we are working on driving massive traffic to the website,
create brand awareness and grow this platform
so that it becomes the biggest crypto listing platform.

Other features: Google Locations
Chat/Email Messaging
Smart Sellet Review
Advanced Search
Smart Filtering
User Dashboard
Social Login
Email Verification
Bidding System
And many more..
List your miners for FREE today at

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