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**Attention Bitcoin and Investors**

Fri Jan 11, 2019 9:01 pm

I my name is Soutta and is 33 year male mixed races with great visions on possibilities beyond that see all good faith and humanity in the future . If you only knew me three month back, you would know that I didn't had the courage, guts to accept the responsibility .I already aware that this message won't understand my message but I am OK with it. I am breaking my limit and already knowing that everything is possible when its time to persuade your next expansion that links to journey in life.

I want to explain a few key aspect of things I learn and try to break down the godly mathematical-science in everything we do in life. If you fully understand and feel the positive aurora energy radiant from this message, then I know that possibility of better future. Again, I am not trying to change anyone who readers opinion on life, belief, religion, or anything.
Just be try to be open-minded, understanding and positive will help to interpreted my explanation why I am on this Forum.
    I understand that we all have energy in us. How you use it is truly up to you. I don't follow nor belief in a single religious in any form of way but do believe there is a high power. Inspired by my self motivation, determination to do whats my passion in life; which is technology and "Universal Life around us".

    A lot of thing happen to people for certain reason and most will disregard these signs. In my whole life time up to now know that with all my accidents that I shouldn't be alive but i'm here. I knew I was growing tired from negative energy and know that is I took certain steps I would be able to do more. This took me to my next: step 7 days detox with great sacrifice.
    I attempt to seek for my life long purpose; then came small thought and from trying doing what I do everyday help mold/redefine my self purpose. I accept and take fully responsible for any negativity, just my belief some how manage to survive many obstacles in my life.

    Some people say "Everything is happens for a reason"
    I say "Everything happen for a purpose!"
    Everyone says "Your crazy"
    I say " Everything happen from a small thought + craziness x faith = the greatest impossibility imaginable can happen.
    (Most innovator and inventors from the past were also describe as crazy)

    *Remember out the box*
    In this world you meet with a universe full of unique gifted unconsciously stranger; not everyone get acknowledge as they should because we are program not to trust because of past generations experience, inhuman unethical act toward our self caused a shift on this world.
    I over heard on the business podcast that European are seeking for the next big thing that will transform their nation . Europe have always been a upgrading and improving their overall standard of people in their nation. So why wait ..

    I truly believe that with this positive energy, the knowledge to recognize if I do what I intended to do with good purpose and meaning will not only transforms my vision but transform businesses and have better civilian world wide.

    It seems crazy but I have been provided with natural signs my whole life from young to up to current. This will create the next step in evolution for not only Crypto Currency but this may also make the world believe that changes can happen.

    This maybe hard to absorb at first. I know if you give me the opportunity to express myself in person and you then will feel this divine energy from within me! and that because I gave you an brief outlook of my vision, philosophy, purpose and you fully understand me. That alone with benefit us when we get the privilege to start exciting plan after plan because its just going make sense . I will await your respond with patience, grace and faith to hear back from you or any investor(s)!

    I know their will be people that have given up hope, procrastinating certain individuals to make them feel better and continues to live this world in such negative way.

    Now, 2019 is the year I will take everyone negative thoughts, negative intentions,criticism to fuel my motivate!This will not only prove to myself, potential investors but also the world to never under estimate a the natural of human spiritual journeys.
    I will definitely going to continue my plans as I never compose this message and I know destiny will bring me back here again. Next time, more educated, more successful, and more wiser.

    In Best Regards and Thank you again,
    Soutta "AJ"

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