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Convert ERC-20 tokens back to ETH

Fri Jan 11, 2019 4:08 pm

I have a solution to the issue of converting random ERC-20 / Airdrop tokens to ETH.
This particular problem has affected too many people for too long now... it is far too difficult for non-technical users to convert ERC-20 tokens to ETH.
What you will have to do is:
1) go to
2) Enter your Ethereum wallet address
3) Scan your wallet for tokens - You will receive a quote to convert ERC-20 tokens
4) If you are satisfied with the quote you can enter your output wallet address and private key for the wallet you are converting from.

This is the fastest, most convenient way to scan Ethereum wallets and convert ERC-20 tokens to ETH.
Ethersweep integrates with all major exchanges to offer instant conversion for most ERC-20 tokens.
(Or you could always spend ten days uploading passport scans to a shady looking uninsured, low-cap token exchanges, wait for approval to be processed, exchange your tokens at an illiquid market rate, plus trade fees, then cross your fingers they don’t have “withdrawal issues”.)

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