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A handy list of links for developers who want to get started with Bitcoin Cash, BITBOX SDK, tokens, and Badger Wallet:

Thu Jan 10, 2019 4:33 am


- BITBOX Intro:

- BITBOX API docs: ... ng-started

- BITBOX GitHub repo:

- BITBOX SDK code examples: ... r/examples

- Bitbox API for BCH prices: or with BITBOX.Price

- BCH and Wormhole testnet faucet:

- SLP SDK GitHub Repo:
- SLP API intro:
- SLP API docs:
- SLP JavaScript library:

- Token creation web app (mainnet):
- Badger Wallet:
- CashID with Badger Wallet:

Non-technical Links

- Brief introduction to Wormhole: ... coin-cash/

- An ICO using Wormhole tokens: ... cord-time/

- Examples of crowdfunding using Wormhole:

Technical Links
- Wormhole tokens overview:

- Wormhole API documentation: ... ng-started

- Wormhole Full Node GitHub Repo:

- Wormholecash SDK GitHub Repo:

- Wormholecash SDK code examples: ... r/examples

- BCH and Wormhole testnet faucet:

- Wormhole block explorer:

- Wormhole Android Wallet app:
Help spread Bitcoin by linking to everything mentioned here:

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