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 ! Message from: DLN
Please we must inform the public of the scam that is going on at HASHING24 with regard to their could mining contracts.
Last Sept./ 17 I invested 2-BTC with HASHING24 and by the end of March/18 I have only received 0.70 BTC in return and within 30 days my per diem return will equal the daily maintenance fees and my contracts will be at an end.
I didn't even get my BTC back.
HASHING24 IS A SCAM !!!!!!!!!!

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Tue Oct 02, 2018 11:12 am

Do you know anything about this https://cloudminingprofy.com/en/hashing24.html

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Hashing 24 Terms and Conditions
2.8. Termination. Any particular Mining Contract Capacity allocation shall be terminated by us (i.e., it shall no longer be effective and will not be reinstated), if for 72 consecutive hours the Customer Portions related to such Mining Contract Capacity are less than the maintenance fee for such Mining Contract Capacity. For the avoidance of doubt, you shall be permitted to avoid such termination if you make arrangements acceptable to us in advance to fund the full amount of the maintenance fee during the period when the Customer Portions are less than the maintenance fee.

The Customer Portion = Your Earnings

In other words, they never loose. When mining gets tough (costs more than you earn) you either pay continuously mining fees or you loose your investment altogether.

In this bitcoin harsh period, many customers have lost their "contract" in this way.

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