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Building the Eco-system of TRON, Vena Bao is on the Way with the Potential Public Chain

Mon Dec 17, 2018 5:06 am

The world keeps developing. When we couldn’t eat well, agriculture appeared. When we needed more information, the Internet came about. When we wanted decentralization, cryptocurrency was invented. And now, we need an ideal public chain, so what do we get?

Now we have ETH, but ETH has a pretty low TPS. We often have to wait a whole day or more to complete a transaction, which troubles us a lot. And we also have EOS, however, EOS is not friendly to new users. EOS has a high fee and the experience is not so well.

So ETH and EOS both has obvious weakness. Can we find a public chain which has a better TPS and a better experience? Vena Bao has searching for that, too.

So TRON may be the answer. TRON has a TPS basically equal to that of EOS and the fee is much lower and TRON is more friendly to the new users. Although now the eco-system of TRON is not as mature as that of ETH and EOS, TRON is a potential public chain.


We can clearly see that in recent days, DApps, especially gambling DApps keep moving from ETH to TRON because of the low TPS of ETH, which shows us that TRON do have its advantages to attract developers and users. However, a mature public chain cannot stay with just gambling games, DApps like Vena Bao is also needed.

Vena Bao agree with the potential of TRON and would like to develop along with TRON. So Vena Bao supports TRX and when users put their TRX in Vena Bao, they can get an high annual interest.

In such way, Vena Bao encourage users to hold TRX and put their TRX in Vena Bao to earn benefits. So TRON players can not only gambling with their TRX, but also generates more TRX in the bear market. Thus, users are more reasonable to have a longer period with the TRON eco-system.

So now its time for us to attend the rapid development of TRON, not only by gambling, but also by investing in Vena Bao. A new chance is coming, and we believe you can hold it.

Now Vena Bao has its Chinese version online now and the English version is on the way. Keep on eye on Vena Bao and you will experience the amazing advantage. Now join the telegram @vena_network, and you can get more information, more candy and more prizes.

Code of Lucky Draw: HMG4O8FK
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