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Vena Bao: How to Make Use of Your Cryptocurrency in the Bear Market

Mon Dec 10, 2018 7:28 am

Things change so fast.

In Dec. 2017, the cryptocurrency market was so hot. The bitcoin reached twenty thousand dollars and all thought that would never be the limit. However, after a whole year, the bitcoin is now below four thousand dollars, 80% less than that of 2017. Not only bitcoin, but also other mainstream cryptocurrencies showed us the same performance, and it is not easy to predict when the bear market will pass.

No matter whether you believe in the cryptocurrencies or not, if you want to stay in the cryptocurrency market, you have to look for some methods to appreciate your cryptocurrencies.

However, if you just hold your cryptocurrencies, things will not be better in short times. The price may keep in the low price, you can’t make benefits and the liquidity of fiat currency is also lost. So you see that’s not a good choice.

Sell your cryptocurrency? Then you get liquidity, but if you believe the price of your coin can rise in the future, you must not be willing to do that, even you want to purchase more to wait for the increasing. So that’s not what you want, either.

So how to do? Vena Bao offers you a third choice. Vena Bao is a financial product for cryptocurrencies instead of fiat currency. You put your cryptocurrencies, such as USDT or TRX in Vena Bao, and you get interests and principal back. You will not lose your cryptocurrency and you get the appreciation you want. Isn’t Vena Bao just what you need?

So, you may wonder where does the interest come from. The borrower includes many miners. The miners don’t want to sell their bitcoins, but they need capital to promote their business. So, they offer their bitcoin as collateral and get capital from Vena Bao. So you won’t be worried since bitcoin is there as collateral, which must be real.

But what to do if the price of bitcoin decreases? That is just what has happened even what is happening. However, solving that is not difficult. In Vena Bao, if the price decreases under a certain line, let’s say, 120% of the value of the collateral, Vena Bao will immediately deal with the collateral to make sure the loan can be paid.


I hope the explanation above can illustrate to you that Vena Bao can make sure the security. The product has its Chinese version online now and the English version is on the way. Keep on eye on Vena Bao and you will experience the amazing advantage. Now join the telegram @vena_network, and you can get more information, more candy and more prizes.

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