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X-CASH -Cryptonight v8 | Fast.Secured.Low-cost.

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X-Cash Global Payments is a Fintech startup from Paris, France. It was launched on July 30th, 2018 with the aim to find best equilibrium between users’ privacy requirements and regulations needed for compliance and AML solutions. In line with objectives, X-Cash Global Payments first product has been developed, in form of cryptocurrency which aims at becoming a standard in digital payment and transaction settlement. In this context, X-Cash aims at proving the necessary tools for users to guarantee their anonymity while being able to prove the source of the funds to the regulator. This has lead X-Cash to recent release of the FlexPrivacy feature (one part of the ecosystem) which allows the users to choose whether or not they want their transactions to be public. This subsequently brings another milestone in the X-Cash development, as the former Monero fork is now offering an innovative solution combining bot transparency and anonymity at the discretion of the user.

All miners are welcome on XCASH Official mining pool:
Server : Europe / Pool fee : 2% / Minimum payout: 10,000 XCA / Payment interval : 1h

Ticker XCASH (formely XCA)
Total supply (100 Billion) XCASH
Distribution Mining, Airdrop
Algorithm Cryptonight v8 (Proof-Of-Work)
Reward ~100.000 XCASH (at inception)
Emission Logarithmic until max supply reached in 2020
Block Interval 60s
Tx time (average) 30s
Block size (average) 300kb
Difficulty adjustment Every 90 block

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