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Nickel Bitcoiner
Nickel Bitcoiner
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Expect for Finance, What Blockchain Application Scenario Will Break Out?

Tue Nov 20, 2018 10:37 am

The power battle between Bitmain and Craig Steven Wright has just turned off. Many people haven’t been recovered from this battle. Another fierce of bear market has hit. Bitcoin has fallen 14% in 24 hours and the price has fallen down to below $4,700. It has fallen into an abyss that never bottoms out. I believe that this result has already defeated most people's psychological defense. The technical term of blockchain seems to be tied to a financial war. Although the financial scenario is the most successful application area of the blockchain, it should never be a tool for capitalists to collect money.

Jump out of this capital carnival and let us think about the point of penetration in the blockchain expect for the financial scenario. Throughout the history of mankind, the rise of every technological revolution has been accompanied by a substantial increase in production efficiency. As the productivity increases and the quality of life is improved, human needs for the spiritual world are more eager. After eating my fill and dress warmly, I began to think about the ultimate proposition of the soul torture type of "where to come, where to go."

We are eager to realize our ideals. This ideal must be unrelated to the power of money, or weakly related, and all technological revolutions are, on the surface, a mechanical conclusion that raises production and creates new tools, but fundamentally All of them have improved the happiness index of human beings through the improvement of technology. Only when the technological achievements are widely applied by all mankind, and not just a lazy carnival, will it become truly universal and valuable.

It is same with blockchain.

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We will not talk about the distant concepts of the universe and AI, a new technology should aim to solve the basic needs of human beings, or to improve efficiency on the basis of the original. From this perspective, we are more grounded. Then we can list what are the basic needs of human beings?

Eating, wearing, living, travelling, sex and love.

Looking back at the historical scientific and technological revolution, the emergence of steam engines has driven the development of metallurgy, coal mining and textile industry. Industrialization has made textiles no longer a burden for ordinary families. In the Internet era, China has a website where merchants can build their own online stores, and goods can be sold at a lower price than physical stores, thereby increasing competitiveness. Consumers can browse thousands of dollars in one hour without leaving home. A product, low-cost purchase of novelty fun things and stylish and comfortable clothes, the site name is Taobao. The above two technological revolutions have solved the human demand for “wearing”.

The steam engine also gave birth to the emergence of trains, which brought the booming of the transportation industry, accelerated the transmission of goods, and stimulated the replacement speed and population flow rate of commodities in different regions. After that, energy continued to innovate, from firepower and gasoline to the current electricity-fueled high-speed rail. These inventions solved the human demand for “travelling”.

The electric lamp prolonged the time of production and life, and made mankind get rid of the shackles of the night. The invention of electricity also produced household appliances such as televisions, refrigerators, computers, etc., and solved the demand for “living” in a certain dimension.

The emergence of the Internet has brought about a big explosion of information. Information flows at high speed in the network. We can find anything we want to find through search engines. Besides knowledge, it is also filled with the "beautiful things" that most people can't touch in reality. Tokyo-Hot, Aoi Sola and Japanese Adult movies, if the other party suddenly talked about these terms in your chatting with friends and colleagues, everyone will smile and will have suddenly a tacit understanding. We can't deny that watching movies is detrimental to physical and mental health, but it does solve the most basic physiological needs. Thus,Internet solves the human need of "sex".

In 1997, a thing called a chat room was born on the Internet. In the same year, a network novel called "First Intimate Contact" became popular. It described a romantic and beautiful story that the lovers cannot be together. The story is that the boy and girl who had never met before. They met, dated, and fell in love in the chat room. Then the girl left without saying goodbye, and finally concealed her leaving because of illness. This is probably the online version of "Your Name", which triggered the resonance and fantasies of countless netizens.

Since then, people have begun to explore the Internet with eagerness, try and expect themselves to be able to marry a certain kind of romance. The Internet stimulates and satisfies people's desire for love in the subconscious. Everyone suddenly finds that in the unknown and huge There seems to be an infinite possibility in the online world. Two years later, in February 1999, a tool that focused on instant online chat was launched, and later became the largest chat tool in China. Its name is QQ. This is the Internet to solve the human need for "love."

And for the basics of the basics, we seem to be not good enough to "eat". After the documentary "Food Company" revealed the high development of industrial civilization, food safety has reached a point that cannot be ignored. The fast food industry has become a means for large food company operators to accumulate wealth and realize their desires regardless of human health. On this issue, our positive textbook is Grandpa Yuan Longping, which also allows me to tell the truth, this hybrid rice has solved the demand for “eat” of 7.1 billion people around the world.

In short, the problem that the blockchain will solve should be based on the above-mentioned scientific and technological revolution, and first deal with the basic survival problems of mankind. At present, many high-quality projects have been developed in the above fields. From this perspective, it seems that more attention can be paid to these projects. Just in the most successful financial field of the moment, the blockchain attracts the attention of the widest public, but there are still many things that the blockchain can do to improve happiness.

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