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[Vena Cryptocurrency Loan] 10 Million Bonuses, Find You Who Need Funds!

Tue Nov 20, 2018 4:28 am

VENA NETWORK is a sample of the next generation financial agreement. What has VENA NETWORK invested by LD Capital been doing?

At present, VENA NETWORK has launched Vena Cryptocurrency Loan Rewarding Activity. During this time, users will be invited to register and credit the loan, and they will get a lot of commission. If the project party or individuals with mortgage financing needs register and load, they can also get incentivize prizes of interest.


It is reported that to celebrate that the accumulate the amount of the mortgage, loan and lending is more than 30 million, from November 15th, 2018 to January 1, 2019, Vena Cryptocurrency Loan will provide a maximum of 10 million incentives to encourage users to participate this rewarding activity.

Pledging Bitcoin is the only way to obtain legal tender without suffering losses due to falling during the “bear market”.

In most cases, we get cash from cars, real estate and jewelry. For a long time, the form of mortgages has not changed much, only the collateral has changed. At first it could be cattle, land, houses, luxury goods, then stocks, bonds and other securities added to this list. With the development of digital technology, we can talk about a new type of collateral - cryptocurrency.

Why not use money to make more money? Vena Cryptocurrency Loan was born under this goal. Through digital currency mortgage lending, Vena Cryptocurrency Loan can make Bitcoin held by users the best tool for financing.

In the past few months, Vena Cryptocurrency Loan has quickly started the international business, and has already became one of the head items in the field of mortgage cryptocurrency lending. This aspect shows that the market demand is strong; on the other hand, the platform strength and credibility are guaranteed.

This model is similar to the P2P model, which raises some mainstream digital currencies or legal currencies to cover the needs of borrowers. Throughout the transaction, the lending platform will adopt a loan contract management agreement.

For example, the lenders can issue the corresponding loan amount and terms on the platform. When the borrower selects the corresponding loan product, the platform will start a three-way visible wallet, and the borrower will transfer the corresponding digital currency into the wallet, and then the platform locks the wallet. After the specified date is reached, the lender needs to transfer the borrower's account to the legal currency or digital currency on a monthly basis to complete the entire loan process. At present, Vena’s highly competitive interest rate concessions and the financial background and focus on data security, it becomes more and more popular.

Some insiders commented that this business model has the advantage of easy transfer of digital assets, transparent transactions, and the inability to forge. The ultra-low risk of digital currency pledge and efficient business process design can help both parties to complete the financing at a lower cost. transaction.

All in all, the opening of this tens of millions of rewards will help Vena Cryptocurrency Loan have a further development on the market share and provide more and better services to the market.

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