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Nickel Bitcoiner
Nickel Bitcoiner
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Leave Us Little Time, Let’s Fight against the Whole Universe with Blockchain

Wed Nov 14, 2018 8:18 am

This fall, many famous persons leave us, such as Vichai, Stan Lee, etc. You may be sad that the time is easy to pass and we can never go back to the past. As the lives go away, the chaotic universe completes another entropy increase.

The second law of thermodynamics tells us that the degree of chaos in this universe is constantly increasing, which is called "entropy increase." All struggle we have in our lives is just pursuing local entropy reduction.


You want your parents to be healthy forever, and hope that the warm love from them will continue, but they will eventually die, and you will eventually lose.

You want to live the whole life with someone, but when love has gone, the person with you may not be the one ever, and the memories can only be hidden in your heart.

You thought that childhood friends would be friends for a lifetime, but you gradually lost the contact and forgot each other.

You made arrangements with your partner to build a career together. However, going beyond success and failure, when looking back, the people around you have changed more than one time.

The eternal for your believe or hope, will eventually be smashed by the law of entropy. We have all experienced a lot of gatherings and partings.

All the victories against entropy is temporary, the final result is always a pity. The people and the things you love will eventually become far away.

However, human never give up even they must fail.

We all have tried our best to remain the most important persons or things for us. We never regret no matter we succeed or fail.

We have a life of just 80 years, we can’t fight against with the universe which aged 14 billion years old. However, our efforts means a lot for us even if the entropy increase can be slowed only for one day.

Entropy reduction is the common desire for all of us. For that, the human society have build the faint order in the universe.

To fight against entropy and build order, the human have used many means, such as law, morality and religion. These instruments help us to build the civilization, however, none of them can solve the entropy problem completely.

Now, we have a new weapon: blockchain. That is another light into the dark universe.


Blockchain cannot solve all the problems, either. Passed elders cannot revive, leaved lovers will not turn around, childhood friends and business partners will not come back.

But there are things we can do with blockchain.

We can record immoral behaviors with blockchain, make people pay for that;

We can protect copyright with blockchain, ensure that content producers get their payment;

We can protect the financial activities with blockchain, make every loan be paid.

Make people never forgets, make order be performed, that is how blockchain fight with entropy increase.

And that’s what Vena Network is doing.

Vena make Bitcoin as the collateral, and all is clear, no scam can be made. The order of the loan can be protected, no one will be hurt by the promise breaking of other people.

To fight with entropy increase, we can never win for 14 billion years.

But during the period of a loan, Vena will never lose.

We know you also want to build the order, remain the happiness. So come and fight against entropy with Vena, and this time, we will not regret.

To get to know us, search “Vena Network” in facebook, twitter, telegram, reddit, instagram, medium, etc.

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