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Nickel Bitcoiner
Nickel Bitcoiner
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[ICO]Vena Network will start ICO from 5th, November

Wed Oct 31, 2018 8:21 am

The VENA ICO is coming soon

Vena will start the ICO from November 5th. Before the end of 2018, this is the blockchain project that you can't miss.

Vena Network is a decentralized peer-to-peer asset financing network. At present, Vena Network ( have issued its MPV entered the internal testing stage (website: After registering in Vena, users will be able to conduct OTC and authorize lending of digital currency. It will also support more financial derivatives such as cryptocurrency transactions, collateral lending and so on in the near future. Vena's investors include 2 exchanges Digifinex and Kucoin. (The full list of investors is shown below)


The Value of VENA Token

• To establish a verified Vena node, a certain number of VENA Tokens should be deposited in Vena Foundation.
• To become a Vena juror, a certain number of VENA Tokens should be deposited in Vena Foundation.
• Paying OTC trade service charges in VENA Tokens can enjoy discount.
• Users borrowing money with VENA Tokens as collateral can enjoy discount, and obtain higher loan-to-value ratio and lower liquidation limit.
• The order of borrowing money with VENA Tokens as collateral shall be highlighted.

External Evaluations

Let’s see how professors in the field talk about Vena Network:

1.“Happy to see that VENA NETWORK is trying to rebuild the principle of financial industry. Traditional centralized business have a more transparent and fair logic.”
BY Johnny LYU VP, Strategy & Investment Department, Kucoin

2.“The team of VENA NETWORK has wonderful power on implementing and learning, when innovation become hard, VENA make us see infinite possibilities, with excellent product and sound business mode.”
BY Leon Liu, Senior Partner, Excel Investment Management

3.“The blockchain finance makes big sense. Five years later everyone of us will be with it. The asset mortgage, on chain service, etc. of VENA are all financial ecosystem industries that value a lot, which shows the foresight of VENA.”
BY Zemin Mao, founder of Monster Capital, Monster.One

4.“VENA can be actually described as a classic business example, it has done the work soon when building the financial business. After the product is online, VENA invite users to test, which shows me a team that is really willing to and able to do things.”
BY Ge Heng, founder of Transference Fund

5.“Strong financial thinking and acuity of market direction, that’s the first impression that VENA team shows on me. Help the whole industry to better develop with technique innovation, that’s the core value of VENA.
BY Kevin, partner of Consensus Lab

The ICObench rating:


The VENA Gifts

Vena ICO will start on LEEKICO、TOKENPLUS and KICKICO. If you want to know how to participate, you can join our telegram group: @vena_network

One more thing, Vena has a series of activities and gifts for you, including VenaToken, iPhone, Switch and so on. Here is a code for lucky draw: AK9D2HIM (each code can be used by 100 people, use it now!)
After getting code, scan the QR code below and you can attend the lucky draw!


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Nickel Bitcoiner
Nickel Bitcoiner
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Re: [ICO]Vena Network will start ICO from 5th, November

Wed Nov 14, 2018 8:55 am

interesting project. I hope he will collect the necessary investments for further development. but you need a good push, for example bounty

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