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Double Your Dogecoin In One Hour

Wed Sep 26, 2018 10:16 pm

Double Your Dogecoin In One Hour

Link : http://tiny.cc/0opazy

1º - How do I start?
R: You must register with a dogecoin address.

2º - How to win?
R: You must make a deposit of any amount in "DOGE" in the address in "Wallet for deposit".

3º - My balance did not arrive?
R: You must click the "Check Deposit" button to check your deposit..

4º - My balance is still zero?
R: When confirming the balance will be active the investment and after 1 hour the double of the value will be credited.

5º - What's the minimum to take out?
R: When there is any balance just click "Withdraw" That the service will be instantaneous with zero rate.

6º - Do I gain to divulge?
R: By registering affiliates you will earn in "DOGE" 30% of any amount invested that will be available on the spot.

7º - What is the minimum to invest?
R: You can invest any amount and as many times as you want.

8º - Is it a cloud mining company?
R: We do not do mining just double your balance in 1 hour

9º - Where do we get the money to pay them all ?
R: We use part of the balance by investing in stock exchanges and stock grades.

10º - Can I create multiple accounts to earn by investing in yourself ?
R: This practice will lead to the banning of all accounts and total loss of balance.

Link : http://tiny.cc/0opazy

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