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What are the documents needed for debt consolidation?

Thu Jul 19, 2018 6:14 am


A few years before, I secured a home purchase mortgage and an auto loan from a financial institution in Toronto. During that period, I had a job in a dental clinic. So, it wasn't a difficult task for me to pay the monthly bill. The situations changed so quickly and I lost my job in the month of May. I thought of consolidating all the payments so as to reduce the number and amount of monthly bills.

From a recent post on a social media site, I came to learn that debt consolidation could help in combining several unsecured debts including credit cards, bills and other mortgages. I have heard about a few professionals and bankruptcy trustees in Toronto offering consultation on debt consolidation.

Is that easy to complete the process of debt consolidation? Is there any eligibility criteria to be satisfied to get qualified? What are the documents needed for debt consolidation? If you know something related to this, please don't hesitate to share! Waiting to hear from you!

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