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Anatomy of the Tokens Market: Types of Tokens, by Sandris Murins

Tue May 08, 2018 12:48 pm

As a tokenization strategist, I will share my insights on the anatomy of the token market as weekly posts. In my third article, I shall provide answers to the following questions:

1) What type of tokens (utility, app-payment, security) are the most widespread and most valuable to the market?
2) How to define ICO based utility tokens?
3) Whether utility tokens sales with high marketing budgets are toxic?
4) How to calculate Soft Cap for an ICO project?

Token Market is Dominated by the Utility Tokens

I have analyzed the white papers of TOP 200 (by market cap on March 10 – 20) tokens listed on and Tokens24. From my research, I can conclude that the most significant group of tokens are the utility tokens. They represent 60% of the top 200 most valuable tokens. These are tokens which provide exclusive access to software utility (or service) by having the token or in exchange of token.

The second biggest group are the app-payment tokens. They represent 35% of the TOP 200 tokens. These are tokens which provide means of payment in a technological ecosystem where more than two parties are involved. The third and final group of tokens are security tokens. These tokens represent 5% of the top 200 tokens. This token provides a return on investment through profit or revenue sharing, it includes voting rights, constitutes a part of equity and may provide buy-back guarantees.

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