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A four-fold increase in price within one month,high expectations for EOS market

Tue May 08, 2018 9:41 am

From the beginning of April till now, the price of EOS has risen 4 times. According to, the price of EOS was $5.37 at the beginning of last month, and after the historic high of $22.52 on April 30th, the price fell slightly. In recent days, the prices have been hovering between $16 and $18. On May 8, the EOS price today is $18.46.

The continuous rise of EOS prices, even if there is some temptations of airdropping, but more is the fanaticism of the node campaign.

Statistics released by EOS.GO on May 2nd show that 87 groups have temporarily become eligible super node candidates. Of these, 51 are from North Asia (33 from China), 20 from North America (14 from the United States), and 16 from Europe.

Less than a month ago since the EOS main line was completed. In order to succeed in the election, each capital will definitely continue to buy insanely. And retail investors may be the biggest beneficiaries behind this duel. Obviously, with the advancement of Super League elections, the market still expects high EOS price.

The latest announcement of Webster Ratings looking bullish on ADA, NEO, EOS and other currencies. Webster Ratings, an American independent rating agency with nearly 47 years of history, shows that, on the one hand, the rating agency continues to be optimistic about ADA, NEO, EOS and other currencies and considers them to be of great investment value. It is “Supercoins”. On the other hand, the agency also gave a more rigorous assessment of various forked currencies.

Here is another currency Nucleus Vision:
A famous post from Nucleus Vision Twitter, mainly says official never do any give away, people should beware of scammers. It need to track back to Nucleus Vision, a US company, announced that it had entered into a partnership with the Assam government in India. Then fraudulent posts appeared on Twitter that Nucleus Vision thanking everyone for their support and giving away cryptocurrencies. For example, there was a post claiming to send 5000 Ethereum.

After Nucleus Vision announced its cooperation with India, the value of its trading token NCASH, surged and rose by 8% in the last 24 hours. What about Nucleus Vision coin price?

Base on Citicoins, Nucleus Vision price on May 8 is about $0.043967, traded down 0.16%. Or 0.00000475 BTC, 0.00005820 ETH. Nucleus Vision has a market cap of $181,098,098, its 24 hours trading volume is about $16,222,700.

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