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"The burden is now on Bitcoin Core to justify its ~$15,000 price tag"

Mon May 07, 2018 3:31 pm

The content of this page is important, as it gets top billing on the home page:

However the following excerpt is ridiculous, and will certainly mislead readers:
"The burden is now on Bitcoin Core to justify its ~$15,000 price tag when facing the affordable, upgraded version of Bitcoin that is Bitcoin Cash."
Obviously, Bitcoin Core doesn't set a "price tag" on anything. The price of Bitcoin is determined by all of us -- including the bitcoin cash community which certainly includes substantial BTC holders as well as BCH holders.

The arguments in favor of BCH are strong enough on their own merits. Arguments like this one only serve to cast doubt on the rest of the article.

Similarly, if this article is going to be linked from the homepage of, it should be kept up-to-date. It implies several times that Bitcoin Core currently costs $30 per transaction. It's been around $1 for several months now. Again, easily disprovable information like this will cast doubt on the legitimate arguments made throughout the page.

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