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HODL your Ether and ERC20 tokens in a Time Capsule!

Sat Mar 24, 2018 3:04 am

It's a difficult time for investors of Ether and ERC20 tokens.
Tough to resist selling when it seems like day after day the price just keeps going lower.
Easy to forget why we invested in the first place!

Around the Holiday season I wanted to gift Ether/ERC20 tokens, but I didn't want to see the recipients worry when it just seems like the value would just continue to go down. Rather, I wanted a way for investors to hodl through to the fruition of the technology regardless of the prices.

So we built ETHCapsule (http://www.ethcapsule.com). ETHCapsule walks you through the process of deploying a smart contract that will lock in ERC20/Ether until a date specified. This means you can look at the roadmap of your favorite technology and HODL until a specific date (makes for a great gift!). Of course, as you are deploying an unbreakable contract, you will want to create capsules that you will not need to withdraw upon early.

This is our initial release and we've got some updates planned. We would love to hear feedback!

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