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NRS v1.7.5

Mon Jan 25, 2016 1:28 pm

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Release 1.7.5




d426f614f9407e0b0da3a73fbaf84b5ce2f0a2ad5326a1fa80567ecc9e42eb29 nxt-client-1.7.5.jar

The exe, dmg, and jar packages must have a digital signature by "Stichting NXT".

Change log:

Code cleanup and removal of logic no longer needed after the 1.7 hard fork has
been passed. Added checkpoint at block 622000.

Peers running versions older than 1.7 are now blacklisted.

Allow disabling of specific API or groups of API using the nxt.disabledAPIs and
nxt.disabledAPITags properties, each taking a list of API request names, or API
tag names, separated with ';'. For example:

nxt.disabledAPIs=startForging; startShuffler
nxt.disabledAPITags=Create Transaction; Tagged Data

will disable the startForging and startShuffler API, and all API that are listed
under the Create Transaction or Tagged Data tabs on the API test page.

The enabled/disabled status of each API or APITag is exposed in getConstants.

The client UI hides menus related to disabled API tags and the "Send NXT",
"Send Currency" and "Send Message" buttons are hidden automatically when
their corresponding API is disabled.

The getAccountLedger API has been fixed to always apply the firstIndex,
lastIndex pagination to the final list of entries matching the query, rather
than to all entries for the given account or based on block height.

Use fixed shuffling transaction timestamps. To prevent timestamp correlation
attacks, all shufflers now use the same transaction timestamp, set to the last
block timestamp.

Performance optimizations. Account public keys are now cached in memory. This
cache currently takes around 12 MB at most, and can be disabled by setting

Back button added to the transaction info, account info, block info and ledger
info modals. Use the back button to return to the previous info modal.

Updated H2 to version 1.4.191. The MVStore storage engine is disabled by default
as it is still in beta, PageStore continues to be used. As this version no
longer accepts implicitly relative jdbc URLs, if you have configured a custom db
location in, make sure to prefix the path with ./ if it is not
absolute, e.g. nxt.dbUrl=jdbc:h2:./nxt_db/nxt... instead of
nxt.dbUrl=jdbc:h2:nxt_db/nxt... . If unpacking on top of existing installation,
delete the old lib folder first.

Token generation is now supported when using the "Remember Passphrase" option
and the NRS.signBytes() method now uses the remembered passphrase in case the
passphrase parameter is not specified.

The transition effect displayed when hiding the left menu was disabled since
it is causing UI rendering problems under certain conditions.

"Switch Account" button added to the account info dialog. Clicking it would
switch the wallet to this account.

"Refresh Search Index" option added to the "Settings" menu. Use it to rebuild
the search index in case you are no longer getting correct search results.

Added UI for issuing singleton asset.

run.bat now works on Windows XP and Windows 2003. Database, configuration
files and logs are stored in the roaming folder under the user folder and
tray icon is operational.

Nodes that update from version older than 1.7.3e to this release after the hard
fork block will have blocks after 621000 deleted, to make sure they switch to
the 1.7.4 fork.



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