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Scam Report Coinsbank

[center] is an organized fraud, I tried to withdraw $1,267.00 by wire transfer and they never sent the money. Customer service gives me pre-written generic replies. This has gone on for 4 months. Google search reveals that Coinsbank have no physical address. The address on their website is used by 1,962 companies as a virtual address. They have no real phone numbers for you to speak to anyone. No one answers the skype phone number on their website. They have taken down the Review page from their Facebook because of numerous bad reviews and people complaining they have been scammed. As soon as I posted my complaint on their facebook page, they blocked my account but not before I read many complaints like mine. Google them and see for yourself. People better move your bitcoins elsewhere or live to regret it.[/center]

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Re: is an organized fraud. Public beware!!!

Sun Mar 11, 2018 2:53 pm

We are very upset by people who are not configured to communicate. Nevertheless, Coinsbank is a completely legal company with a large number of satisfied clients who receive answers to their questions and use our services.
For better communication with our clients, we create Telegram channels and new customers centers. Soon you will be able to receive answers to your questions as quickly as possible.
If you have specific suggestions or observations by our work, we are always open to dialogue.

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