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Vetter mobile phone cases from Romania

Tue Feb 20, 2018 1:38 pm

Looking for some mobile phones cases to be sent from Romania. There's a company over there called Vetter who produce some really nice cases. Problem is that I have been unable to find these for sale online anywhere and no replies to emailing them at both the RO and HK sites. Currently looking to purchase 7 units. They seem to have outlets selling these cases in Băneasa Shopping City, AFI Cotroceni and Henri Coandă International Airport.

Anyone here who is local to Bucharest (or passing through) fancy dropping a few of these in the post to me for some BCH? Would like to use Open Bazaar for this, but happy to work out other avenues if you have suggestions. Perhaps using a mutually trusted third-party community member here as escrow.

The shopping list currently looks like this:

* 2x CSPXVTSN965D (Samsung Galaxy Note 8 | Smart Case Pixel FX)
* 2x CSCLRVTSA950D (Samsung Galaxy Note 8 | Smart Case Carbon Design)
* 3x CCLAIRSAG950D (Samsung Galaxy S8 | Clip-On | Ultra Thin Air Series)

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